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Will A. Harrelson is the founder of this blog. He brings on board an array of information based on scientific research principles, ensuring that you are equipped with your area of expertise.

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You yearn to work with the soil and are prepared for a life of physical toil. Maybe you want to have a diversified farm – a small-scale operation that grows various fruits. 

Who We Are

Are you passionate about farming, which includes the keeping of domestic animals? Are you stuck on where to start?

We have listened to your cry and decided to give you a one-stop blog to take you through the process.

We have a team of not only writers but also experts in farming. Their experience in farming matters means that anything you read here is factual and reliable for your farm implementation practices.

We understand that farming comes with different challenges, which include

  • Unreliable climatic patterns
  • Insufficient farm inputs
  • Inadequate capital
  • Unstable market trends for produce
  • Government policies

Our testimony page explains the positive impact of our blog on farmers. That tells you the practical tips, guides, and how-to articles are accurate based on scientific principles.

Moreover, you get to have stakeholders with their thoughts as part of our blog. That is the uniqueness of our blog.

Our Mandate

We go the extra mile to include technology in business. Without agri-business dynamics, you are dead on arrival as far as commercial farming is concerned.

Onboard are digital experts to give us new web tools that come in handy to support agricultural farming.

Be it weather pattern applications or online security tools to safeguard your cash or soil fertility apps to give you details on soil PH.

Name it; in fact, as one of our readers noted, “if you don’t hear the fact or information on this blog then treat it as a rumor.”

That means that we practically cover everything in farming, from financials to marketing to customer service.

“Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful, and most noble employment of a man”

-george washington

Site Blogs

The Benefits Of Organic Farming

The Benefits Of Organic Farming

Organic farming is a type of agriculture that relies on the use of organic matter, such as compost, manure, and green manures to help improve the fertility of the soil. Organic farming practices also include crop rotation, cover crops, and the use of natural...

How To Start A Small Farm

How To Start A Small Farm

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own farm? For many people, the idea of working the land and being self-sufficient is incredibly appealing. However, starting a farm can be a daunting task. Where do you start? What kind of equipment do you need? How do you market...

How to Start a Farm

How to Start a Farm

Starting a farm is something that many people dream of doing, but few actually do. While the process can be difficult and time-consuming, it's worth all the hard work when you reap the benefits in the end. Read on to learn more about what starting a farm entails! The...

Three Tips To Efficient Farming Practices

Three Tips To Efficient Farming Practices

What's the most efficient way to farm? It depends on a variety of factors. The type of crops grown, how many acres you have available, and what climate zones your growing in are just some of these factors. Take for instance corn, wheat, beans or rice - which grow best...

How to Improve Soil PH for Better Production

How to improve soil ph for better productionSoil pH refers to the alkalinity or acidity of the soil. It's a measure of how nutrients can survive and thrive in a particular type of soil. The pH values start from 0 and go all the way to 14. Seven is considered the...

How to Start Your Poultry Farm

How to Start Your Poultry FarmA poultry farm is of huge advantage to its owner. Whether you're rearing your birds for a commercial or domestic purpose, there's something to benefit from your investment. However, this branch of agriculture requires in-depth knowledge...

Tips on Farming

Tips on Farming

Tips about farming The type of plant (or animal) you are going to choose is perhaps the most crucial decision you will make. The key to choosing the right variety to grow is getting a plant with the right balance between quality and yield. A great place to start is...

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