Tips about farming

The type of plant (or animal) you are going to choose is perhaps the most crucial decision you will make. The key to choosing the right variety to grow is getting a plant with the right balance between quality and yield. A great place to start is your local farmers’ market, which may also have plants well suited to your area.

Soil enrichment is also another thing to take into consideration. Conventional farmers address soil enrichment through advanced synthetic chemical fertilizers. Another great option is to use compost humus. This humus (organic carbon) tends to buffer some of the damage associated with farm chemicals.

The different kinds of farms you need to know

Farming is a broad term that includes agriculture- the science of planting crops and rearing animals.

In crop farming, we differentiate it in terms of size, which include

  • Subsistence farming
  • Extensive farming
  • Commercial farming
  • Plantation farming
  • Arable farming
  • Mixed farming

When looking at the animals, we now factor in both space and the mode of keeping them.

They include

  • Nomadic farming
  • Pastoral farming
  • Ranching
  • Sedentary farming

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