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About The Founder

Will A. Harrelson is the founder of this blog. He brings on board an array of information based on scientific research principles, ensuring that you are equipped with your area of expertise.

Farming comes in different categories. We have plant farming and animal farming. What is it that you want to know?

His farm practices experience as a farm manager and a self-employed farmer means that all the challenges are explained in guides and tips.

Similarly, he accommodates all the farmers- small scale and large scale, farmers. Unlike other blogs where the small scale farmers don’t fit.

With this North Run farm, everyone is accommodated in terms of the knowledge base.


The primary mission of our site is to offer education on agricultural farming. We are here to demystify myths and traditions with scientific back up to ensure you have mass produce.

Whether you are an animal farmer or a plant farmer, you have a lot to learn. The addictive blog covers both traditional and modern farming practices.

We also understand the difference in terms of soil and location of a place. The articles are tailored to suit different parts of the continent.

Whether you live in a desert or a high rainfall area, you have a lot to learn from our blog.


We aim to see farmers grow from small scale businesses to multinationals. We want to see all parts covered with crops or animals, whichever is appropriate.

We want to deviate from the norm and bring farming to your doorstep, including you, who live in the apartments.

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